Time machine 1983-2007 (Part 2)

2000: Nov, Finally finish my SPM exam. Feel really happy because I finish my secondary school life. I never think to continue my study because I dun know the world outside. So I accompany my best friend, Kar Long go to find job. I am new on this matter so we found a job which quite high basic payment and there are potential to outstation. Such benefits really attract us. First week we work at Batu Pahat. After that, they say they want to outstation to Johor Bahru. I feel really enjoy because I never go to Johor Bahru before. After come to Johor Bahru, I just found this is a direct sales company and NOT marketing survey company. Our job is go to house area, knock the door, asking survey (act is a trick), offer lucky draw for them and finally persuade they to accept their reward from lucky draw. (act need to pay to buy the product). We need to train every day so we can handle all type of objections from target. Maybe I am still young so I just accept this job because this is my first permanent job. Some of the people here are nice, most of them are very young. Every morning we need to have a meeting to motivate everyone. After that, we will sent by our supervisor to housing area and go to knock every door to get the business. Sometime we chase by dog, sometime we work under terrible hot sun, sometime we scold by target, sometime we work from 10am till 10 pm. It is a very hard job, I only get my basic payment for 1st month and for the month after this, salary count based on how many sales I can provide. There are no happy hour for me because my sales is not that good so get lower pay. I spend my working life there until I get offer letter from Multimedia University. Actually before this,I already get my offer from High School to continue my form 6 but I reject it. Finally, i decided to stop my job on February 2001 and go to study for 2 reason: 1. I want to experience the life in university & 2. I feel very bad in my heart because I found my job is cheating game. 2001: A year I learn the most in my life. I was very happy to go into Multimedia University. Here I know a lot of new friends who come from different states. A very funny thing is there is a mistake when I fill the application form (I dun know multimedia course only offered at Cyberjaya campus) so I apply Multimedia course while my friend apply IT course. Finally, I need to seperate with my friend who get the IT course at Melaka campus. I come to Cyberjaya myself without any friends from secondary school. I need to learn to be independence. I feel most of the student here are smarter than me. This is a good challenge for me. I got 2 good roommates: Kim Chuan & Jia Shyan and also 1 temporary roommate: Weng Seng. This is my 1st year in University. And this is my first time I own a computer myself. Another funny thing is while I step into this university, I dunno computer at all even start and shut down. Haha, this is because i never learn computer in my previous school. I start learning knowledge of computer with full of heart. 2002: Second year in my university life, I shift out from campus hostel to apartment near my campus. I got more house mates because we rent an unit there. My previous 3 roommates also stay same unit with me. This year is more tough because need to learn a lot multimedia stuff. The most enjoy course that I took at Beta year is photography. I like to snap photo. I go a lot of places that I never go before to do my project. Sometime with friends, sometime I go out my own. It is really a nice experience in my life. 2003: Now is the 3rd year in my University life. Another life journey begin…

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Time machine 1983-2007 (Part 1)

Hello, this is me: sing pon. This is the name i use from 1983 until 1990. 1990: The year i start my school from standard 1. I study in SRJK (C) Renchong. It is not a famous school which located in Lenga, Muar. Total students in the school is only 76 students and my class only have 10 students. Wait…wait…Let me recall back who is my classmate: Su Wee, Ming Jing, Kian Koo, Hook Chai, Kok Hua, Mei Yan, Ling Fong, Pei Sia, Chang Zheng. Maybe i spell their name wrong because i only remember their name in mandarin (coz i am in chinese school ma). Haha.

1994: The year i move with my family from Lenga, Muar to Parit Sulong, Batu Pahat. So i have to change my school to SRJK (C) Chong Hwa, Kangkar Senangar. Their are hundreds of Chong Hwa schools in Malaysia so i must mention where is my second primary school locates. This is also a small school and the students also less than 100. My classmates got only 9 students. I finish my standard 5 & 6 here. 1995: Year of UPSR. Haha, i am not a smart student so my result is just so so only. But fortunately the results enable me to JUMP to form 1. 1996: Start my secondary school at SMK Penghulu Saad. From the school name already can senses that 90% of the students is Malays. This is first time i get to know with Malay student. 1998: Year of PMR. Since i am a lazy student who did not go for tuition, my result just is very normal only. But i am happy because got some increment from UPSR to PMR. Haha. 1999: After PMR, i transfer to another secondary school with science class provided. SMK Dato’ Sulaiman. Haha. This school more worst, 98% of the student is Malays. What to say…i am come from Kampung ma. That’s why so many Malays. This time i need to prepare for SPM. The tuition culture make me really go to tuition already. It is a very fun experience, go to Batu Pahat from Parit Sulong with my friends to attend the tuition class. Sometime we will go “lepak” after tuition class. Just another culture in born in Malaysia. The year i enter the new school: Form 4. I get the award that i feel most happy in my life that time. “Best student of Form 4, 1999. This award give me a lot of pressure in Form 5. 2000: Yeah! I am graduates from secondary school. After SPM, i just plan to start my working life and i had follow my best friend go to Johor Bahru to get a job. This is another story in my life…

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