Amazing Redang

Here I fly again to Most Beautiful Island that I ever go: Pulau Redang. The weather is very nice when I depart from KL by flight (Berjaya Air). It is a small plane that provide 48 seats only. An hour journey take me from Subang airport to Redang airport. So fast huh!!?? Yeah, if take bus then transfer by boat need total 9 hours from KL. Haha.

This time I stay at Berjaya Redang Beach Resort. My room is on the hill side where I can see the wonderful beach scene from my room. Aiks, I forget again, this is another “Working Trip”. I come here to do shooting for Go Go Travel show. This is a travelogue show that my company currently doing. This is also the last trip I will do for my company. After I settled my duty here, I will fly away from Shining Star. My next destination still a myth .

from my room

View from my room.


This is my 1st time come to Redang. My first impression is this island is covered by blue sea and blue sky. It look like an amazing wallpaper and hard to believe that this is true. On the first day, I have a meeting with the staffs from Berjaya group. The meeting is between 5 crews from my company with around 10 staffs from Berjaya group. They are FC, F&B Manager, Activities Manager, Captain and Chef. This is a stressful meeting because most of Berjaya group staff is Malay but most of us is Taiwanese and I am the only one who understand Malay. I need to explain everything to my crews from Taiwan. That is why I being here. My duty: translator

does it look like real?

so relax

it look like so relax…

coconut trees

Even though now is consider low season for Redang Island but I still can see quite a number of foreign tourist here. They are Japanese, Italian, China, Singaporean and also American. We start our outdoor shooting on 2nd day. We go out early in the morning by boat. Yeah! Round Island trip start. Go, go, go! 1st destination is turtle bay. But we can see any turtle because turtle only will come to beach during the midnight. Haha. 2nd destination is marine park. Here got a lot of colorful fish. But the fish is consider small compare to last time I saw in Tioman Island marine park. 3rd destination is long beach or Pasir Panjang. The More More Tea Inn is located at Pasir Panjang. Along the beach, there are 9 resort located here. But the tour guide told me that the building had been move from the original place where the movie was shot. Hoho. It’s time to go back. After lunch, we go out by glass bottom boat (GBB) to see the turtle and coral. This is 1st time I see real turtle. It is nice but I don’t want to snap photo because the glass already scratch a lot and not very clear for photgraph.:p

*Anyway, I will remember the moment I see the turtle.

more more tea inn

here is the More More Tea Inn.

long beach

Time passed very fast, the last place we go is the bay for scuba diving. It is very fun actually but I don’t know how to swim so I just can stay in the boat and see how the artist enjoy the diving. Another target for me during that moment is I want to learn swim. Maybe 2008, I must fly will change to I must swim. Who know…hahaha.




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Lost in “one” week (Part 1)

Max is fly again. This time I will fly to Borneo Island-Sabah. This is 1st time i come to Sabah. This is a working trip. Remember, it is a working trip. Haha, but i manage to snap some nice photo too (curi tulang). This is also my 1st time to travel with Airasia airline. The plane is not as worst as i imagine before. The plane is look like new and clean. 2 n half hour journey take me to the “land below the wind”-Sabah. Airasia passengers will be arrive at terminal 2 at Kota Kinabalu airport. *for Mas, Dragonair, and other flight will arrive at terminal 1.

on plane

A warming welcome by the tour guide from MK. 5:00pm on 10 September. Yeah, my journey start…

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Selamat Hari Jadi Malaysia

“Selamat Hari Jadi Malaysia” mean Happy Birthday Malaysia in Malaysia Language. So proud to be Malaysian and I love this country so much. 50 Years is not easy.


On the Merdeka Day countdown night, I had go to do shooting for fireworks at Putrajaya. Tonight Japan will be perform but sad to say is my view is from Cyberjaya only because I am so late. The 3 lanes car “road ” already become 5 lanes car “parking”. Amazing right? I cant believe what I am see. I should snap the scene down but I was driving.


Even tough I really get mad with the traffic on that night but I feel happy because a lot of Malaysian are love to Malaysia. Malaysiku Gemilang. Malaysia Boleh!

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