why Speak out?

2007, i must fly. This year i really get to fly, this is my 1st time to take flight and this is my 1st time leave Malaysia and fly to China. Best experience in my Life.

2008, think bee. This is a theme for me to think like bee and work hard like a bee. But when come to end of the year, I found I am not work hard enough. The only success of this year is idea Speak – my Web Design business which is start from June.

2009, speak out! This is a brand new theme for me for coming year.

Speak out! 2009

Since now I already start involved into marketing in my job, so I really need to improve my communication skill  and speak more to improve myself.

*In my Job, i need Speak out!

The slogan of idea Speak is speak out your idea thru Website. My Web Design business is create a Website for the client so they can Speak their ideas to the world.

*In my Business, i help people Speak out!

There is a lot of happening in our life everyday. Sometime it is good but sometime it is not. I like to share my life story and share what I had learn. I will write my Blog more frequently to speak out to everyone.

*In my Life, i Speak out!

Welcome 2009…

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  1. saw hua
    Dec 19, 2008

    Ah Bao,
    Here i want to speak out: U r so cute & miss u a lot. All the best in your career n online bussiness, hope one day can be your client. Take care.

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