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1st of October, the game starts. A game which is introduced by my house mate, Bursa Pursuit. When you see the wording “Bursa”, sure you will think of Bursa Malaysia. This is a online investment game organized by Bursa Malaysia. From the starting point of the game, they will give you RM250k as your investment model. Har, So much huh? That is true but the money just can be spend online for invest. This is a good chance to test your skill and knowledge to participate into invest business.

bursa market list

This is the front page of the Bursa Pursuit. It look like so colourful. This is 1st time I learn how to read the stock market quotes. The stock market price keep on changing every few second almost make my eye blur already.

my game

This is the result after 4th day I start my game. I lost almost 1.4k. I think I really need to concentrate on the game to earn back the money I had been lost. Wish me luck!

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  1. shirojay
    Oct 11, 2007

    seems like u dont hv luck in saham…better not trying them :P

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