Lost in “one” week (Part 1)

Max is fly again. This time I will fly to Borneo Island-Sabah. This is 1st time i come to Sabah. This is a working trip. Remember, it is a working trip. Haha, but i manage to snap some nice photo too (curi tulang). This is also my 1st time to travel with Airasia airline. The plane is not as worst as i imagine before. The plane is look like new and clean. 2 n half hour journey take me to the “land below the wind”-Sabah. Airasia passengers will be arrive at terminal 2 at Kota Kinabalu airport. *for Mas, Dragonair, and other flight will arrive at terminal 1.

on plane

A warming welcome by the tour guide from MK. 5:00pm on 10 September. Yeah, my journey start…

After having the dinner, we transfer from KK to Kudat. This is the my 1st target in this trip because “The Tip of Borneo” is here. 3 hours journey make my ass really pain because the condition of the road is very bad. We arrive and stay at the most standard resort in Kudat -Kudat Golf & Marina Resort. The only resort in Kudat. Haha. But they own the most oldest golf court in Sabah.

2nd day, we visit to Gong Making Village-Kg. Gombizau, Honey Farm-Kg. Sumangkap, and also Rungus Longhouse. Here are full of Orang Rungus. They are one of the 33 ethnics in Sabah. I tell you, there is 64 ethnics in Malaysia and Sabah contains 33 of the 64.



big gong

The biggest gong I ever see.

rungus longhouse

Rungus Longhouse.

3rd day: today we go to The Tip of Borneo. Haha, the my 1st target in Sabah. Yeah, I got It. The scenery here is very beautiful. The wind here is super duper strong. I almost blow away by the wind. Here is the most top point of Borneo Island.


tip of borneo


After that, we take another 3 hours journey again to go back to KK. Now we stay at 5 stars hotel-Le Meridian KK. No bad what, working trip can stay at such place. Beside my hotel is the shopping centre that I always hear from my FM-Warisan Square. It is very different from the shopping centre that I see before. Most of the branded shop lot is facing outside of the building. Another thing I like my hotel is because my room is facing the sea. Haha. I love sea.

le meridian hotel

4th day: today trip is go to Kinabalu Park. Hoho, I can see Kinabalu Mount lo. My 2nd target in this trip. Kinabalu Park is locate beside the Kinabalu Mount. I can see the peak of the mount along the journey. How amazing it is. Today most is the most hard journey because we need to do shooting in the jungle-Kinabalu Park. Need to walk a lot of stairs. So tired. But it is worth for that because I really feel happy when see the Mount of Kinabalu. The tall of the mount is 4095m. I promised to myself I will come to conquer it within this 2 years.Haha. Kinabalu Mount, wait for me…I am coming!

mount kinabalu

so close

at kundasang

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  1. shirojay
    Sep 19, 2007

    looks interesting ur trip :P eat more so u wonned get fly by the wind lo :P

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